How to Crochet Sock Soles: The Bon Vivant Stockings

Note to self: Make sure to read through the entire pattern before you begin. Somehow I missed the 54 rows of slip stitch that create the crochet sock sole. Okay, I was a little apprehensive, but I quickly realized that was just silly. It only took me a couple of days to create the sole, and the slip stitch was actually quite soothing to work.

Bon Vivant Crochet SocksIn fact, I am almost finished with both soles. I have decided to crochet both socks at the same time so that I don’t have to try to figure out how to wear one fantastic crochet sock when I catch one sock syndrome.

Here are a few of the things I learned while slip stitching to make your crochet sock soles work up quickly and effortlessly.

My Top 3 Tips

1. Slip stitch loosely.

The loops of a slip stitch sit directly on top of the stitch in the row below. This proximity without any post can make it difficult to insert your hook into the stitch. The fact that you are working in the back loop only makes inserting your hook easier, but by working your stitches loosely you will find that working in slip stitch is easy and fun.

2. Track row count every two rows.

How to Crochet Sock Soles for the Bon Vivant StockingsWith over 54 rows, including short rows, it is important to keep track of which row you are on. The rows of the sole are relatively short and work up quickly. Putting down my hook or dropping my yarn every row to mark another row on your counter was simply taking too much time away from crocheting. It was interrupting the soothing crochet! So I started marking my rows every two rows. I always knew that when I finished a row that ended at the short-rows end of the sole, I would mark two rows on my row counting app.
I briefly though about marking rows worked every four or six rows, but I lose track of both time and rows when I am crocheting, so I needed something that was easy to remember and the short rows were a great trigger to my memory to mark rows.

3. Don’t miss the last stitch or the row.

I found it very easy to miss that last sneaky little stitch of the row. Make sure that your working row is the same length as the row you are working into. If you miss that last stitch you will find that the ends of your sole will begin to angle downward.

If you haven’t started your own Bon Vivant Stockings, download or order your copy of It Girl Crochet for the pattern. And visit my Bon Vivant Stockings Crochet-Along for more tips, a great way to ask questions, and more blogs.

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