How to Crochet in the Back Loop Only

Back Loop Only Crochet Baby Bib

Bebe Bib by Amy Polcyn

You’ve mastered the simple single crochet and double crochet; you can identify the top two loops of the stitch like an expert and you crochet with confidence. Or maybe you have been crocheting for years, and are looking for an easy new texture to add to your crochet.

I definitely recommend adding back loop only crochet to your stitch toolbox. This technique is very easy and can be worked with any stitch from single crochet to taller stitches like double or treble crochet and stitch patterns like shells or lace.

In the Love of Crochet Summer 2016 issue, project editor Susanna Tobias shared a great tutorial on working this easy stitch.

A Beginner’s Guide to Back Loop Only

How to Crochet in the Back Loop OnlyUnless otherwise stated, most crochet is worked through both of the loops that form the top of the indicated stitch.

Working in both loops creates a fabric that is firm and tight, especially if you’re using single crochet as shown in the upper swatch.

Some patterns, however, specify crocheting blo, which means “back loop only.” This indicates that you should insert your hook in the back loop only, rather than in both top loops, resulting in a fabric with ridges, as shown in the middle swatch.

To find the back loop, see the lower swatch. Crocheting blo is perfect for ribbing: it creates ridges, and it’s stretchier than crochet fabric worked through both loops.

Crocheting blo can also create a decorative finish, as in the Bébé Bib. Explore how crocheting in the back loop can enhance your crochet projects!

Lace Crochet Shawl

Coral Flame Wrap by Suzann Thompson

—Susanna Tobias

I love these stitch and technique reviews. The summer issue also includes a great article on the Tunisian left slant stitch as well as inviting and beautiful patterns.

Order or download your copy of Love of Crochet Summer 2016 today and explore the stitches, patterns, and techniques for yourself.

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P.S. Do you crochet in the back loop only? Help those who are new to the technique out and share your tips and experiences in the comments.

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