How to Crochet Bruges Lace: Free Tutorial

Learn how to crochet bruges lace with this free tutorial

The stitches in Lily Chin's Swan Lake shawl (Interweave Crochet Spring 2013) move just like a stage of dancers, swaying to and fro, then linking arms and turning. It works up just like a dance as well, once you get the hang of it. Here's a quick primer on how to crochet Bruges lace.

The foundation of the lace ribbon forms the first end-loop and row of ribbon.

The ribbon is worked by making a long chain loop at the beginning of every row, with a double crochet worked into each double crochet on the ribbon.

To work a full curve, or arch join, you'll work half of the chain stitches for an end loop, then insert your hook thorough the next 5 end-loops on the same side of the ribbon. Slip stitch around all five loops. 

Then complete your current row end loop by working the rest of the chains required, turn to work back in your active ribbon row, and double crochet across all stitches.

To make a single join along the length of a ribbon, you'll work half of your end-loop chains, insert your hook through the opposite end-loop on the facing strip of ribbon, slip stitch through the end-loop, then complete your loop chains and turn to work your double crochet stitches.

Then you can continue making a length of ribbon, arching and joining where the pattern requires to shape your lovely Bruges project.

We hope you enjoy this shawl and this lovely crochet technique! Be sure to share your pictures in our gallery.



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