Crochet Class: How to Crochet a Spiral

Crochet spirals are a lot of fun to make. The motif looks 3-dimensional as two colors chase each other around and around but appear to never meet. Spirals are exciting to stitch because they have you hopping back and forth between two different skeins of yarn as you work double crochets in the round. Once you learn how to crochet a spiral, it’s a simple and engaging technique.

The crochet spiral is usually worked in two or three colors. Below is a quick tutorial on the two-color spiral as seen in the Grinning Jack Trick-or-Treat Bags from Love of Crochet Fall 2017. Once you try it, you’ll see how easy it is—and you’ll be ready to tackle three-color motifs in no time.

3 Simple Steps to Crocheting a Spiral


Step 1: Work tiered stitches in the center.

Start your spiral by working tiered stitches first in one color, then in a second as follows:

With color A, make an adjustable ring.

Rnd 1 – Part 1: Ch 1, (sc, hdc, 2 dc) in ring, drop lp from hook, place marker (pm).
Rnd 1 – Part 2: With color B, sl st in ring, (sc, hdc, 2 dc) in ring—8 sts total. Pull tail to tighten ring.

how to crochet a spiral

Step 2: Chase the color around.

The chase begins. Continue with color B working atop color A, then drop color B and continue again with color A atop color B as follows:

Rnd 2 – Part 1: Continue with color B, 2 dc in each A st, drop lp from hook, pm—8 B sts foll prev marked st.
Rnd 2 – Part 2: Place A lp on hook, with A, 2 dc in each B st, drop lp from hook, pm—24 sts foll prev marked st.

how to crochet a spiral

Step 3: Work fewer increases.

As the spiral grows, you need more single stitches per round, so you’ll make fewer increases.

Rnd 3 – Part 1: Place B lp on hook, 2 dc in next 18 A sts, dc in next 6 A sts, drop lp from hook, pm—42 sts foll prev marked st.
Next Rnds: Continue with double crochet stitches around, alternating colors, working increases and single stitches as needed to keep the spiral flat.

how to crochet a spiral

And there you have it! As you can see, creating the crochet spiral in the Grinning Jack bags is fairly easy. Once you’ve mastered that spiral, try making spiral motifs on other projects.

The Spiral Fun Continues…

Crochet spiral motifs can be added to bags, tops, home décor, and more. Want to try it on another project? Check out these fun designs and spiral techniques.

Ayla Wrap

Begin with the spiral motif, then add a collar that turns the spiral into a wrap. Finish it off with bell sleeves for a comfy sweater that’s perfect for hiking in the woods or cuddling up with a book.

Golightly Tunic

Crochet a spiral collar and attach it to a simple tunic for instant flair. The Golightly Tunic features a simple silhouette that’s wider at the hip for comfort.

Petroglyph Baskets

The base and lid of these baskets are made with spirals worked in single crochet; post stitches are used on the sides to create a woven-look texture.

Grinning Jack Trick-or-Treat Bags

These bags start with a spiral base, then tapestry crochet is used to create a jack-o’- lantern face on the side. There are charts for four faces, so you can stitch a bag with one or two faces.

The crochet spiral can sometimes appear psychedelic depending on the color combinations used. Here’s hoping you find the technique easy to learn without any dizzying effects.


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