How to Create an Infinity Loop


Our Winter 2015 issue is full of fantastic projects! One of my favorites is the Twilight Capelet by Suesan Roth. It's beautiful and soft, and I love that you can dress it down with a long-sleeve shirt and jeans, or dress it up with a skirt. I really want to make this one, but I was a bit confused about how to create the infinity loop (as were a few readers who emailed us). To get the details, I asked Suesan to write up a quick tutorial on this fun technique. This step-by-step photo tutorial will help you understand how to create the loop and finish it for a polished look. Here's Suesan to walk you through it!


Creating an Infinity Loop

It's easy to create the Infinity Loop Center on the Twilight Capelet. I used a smooth yarn for clarity; the un-joined strip is completed in gray. 



Once you have finished all the steps for the Twilight Capelet, you are now ready to complete the Infinity Loop Center.

Place the un-joined strip down, across entire middle width of the capelet. 


Now wrap the un-joined strip under the entire middle width of capelet. The strip will be back at the top. 




Then wrap the un-joined strip back down the entire middle width of capelet. 



Now line up the un-joined strip with the beginning strip. 



Sew or slip stitch on the wrong side. Weave in all ends.



The center will look like this when complete. Way to go–you made an infinity loop! 




With it broken down into steps, you can see that it's not too difficult to create this great visual feature. Get started on your own Twilight Capelet today—it's a great piece for winter and spring!

Happy crocheting!


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