How to Choose the Correct Pattern Size

One of the most common questions I am asked in regards to crochet sweaters is, "How do I know what size to crochet?" Crochet pattern sizing is usually given in bust measurement sizing. And you can't simply try on all of the sizes to see which fits best. So let's look at how to pick the perfect size and how to combine two sizes-yes, you can modify and combine two sizes. If you want to learn how to choose the perfect size and customize sizing for top-down sweaters, I would recommend two things, and honest list of your measurements and Doris Chan's Top-Down Seamless Crochet with Doris Chan.

Doris Chan illustrates how hook size can help you get gauge.  

First take your own measurements, bust, waist, hip, and arm circumferences. Be honest in these measurements. If you suck in your tummy-and we all have that instinct-your finished sweater could fit too tightly at the waist. With measurements in hand, the pattern schematic becomes your best friend.

The sizing choices for Doris Chan's Kolika Top are 32 (36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 56)" bust circumference (you can see these numbers on the schematic). Let's say your bust is 45 inches. There is no exact fit, so it becomes a preference. Do you like your sweaters a loose or a little tight. In my opinion, the lace of this pattern is highlighted with a little negative ease or a smaller size than your bust measurement, so I would pick the 44" size.

  Kolika Top by Doris Chan

But the bust is not the only measurement we have to look at. What about the hip? This is where I run into trouble as my ideal hip and bust measurements are not generally in the same size. For the size 44", the hip measurement is also 44". What if that is too small? Do you have to choose a looser bust size to accommodate your hip measurement? No.

In her crochet workshop, Doris Chan discusses in detail bust shaping (The Wedge), waist shaping (The Nip), and hip shaping (The Flare).  These shaping techniques will teach you how to increase or decrease shaping for a customized fit and are more easily learned in the visual format of a video.

Kolika Top Schematic

Included with her digital workshop is the pattern for Doris' Kolika Top. This pullover includes written instructions to walk you through altering shaping, changing necklines, sleeve length, and garment length. This hands on crocheting  practice will help you create not only the perfect fitting Kolika Top, but ensure a better fit with all of your patterns.

Download your copy of Top-Down Seamless Crochet with Doris Chan and free Kolika Top pattern today and shape your garments like a pro. You can also order this detailed video workshop and pattern on DVD.

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P.S. What are your questions on choosing the correct pattern size?

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