How Much Yarn Will I Need? There’s an App for That

One of my resolutions this year is to spend more time designing. Like many of you, I have at least a million project ideas in my head, scribbled in notebooks, and dancing tantalizingly around each skein of yarn.

Once you have chosen the type of project you are going to crochet, the next step is to choose the yarn. Sometimes you can work from stash yarn, and sometimes a project just begs to be worked in a fiber, color, or weight that requires a trip to the yarn store. 

Whether you are using a yarn from your stash or purchasing new yarn, it can be difficult to gauge how much you will need. If you end up with too much, well, there's always another project, but if you end up with too little, it can be difficult to find the same yarn or dyelot again. I have found a secret weapon: the Crochet Handy app, which helps you determine the amount of yarn needed.

First choose the type of project. You can select from baby sweaters, bags, ponchos, scarves, skirts (both knee-length and calf-length), skull caps, and sleeveless tops. If you are working a top with long sleeves, add 35-40% more yardage.

After you have chosen the type of project you are going to make, specify the size. For bags, there is sizing for purses, clutches, book bags, large totes, and more. For sleeveless tops, choose from bust circumferences of between 28" and 56". Each project type comes with information for multiple sizes.

Don't forget to designate what yarn weight you will be working in. A sweater crocheted out of fingeringweight yarn requires more yardage than one in worsted weight. The type of stitch you are working in also affects the amount of yarn needed, so specify whether you will be working in single, half double, double, or treble crochet.

Determining the amount of yarn you need for an undesigned project will never be an exact science, but the Crochet Handy app will help you make an educated calculation. Download your copy today and create some of your own original designs this year.

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  1. Robin R at 8:15 am July 5, 2017

    Hi Toni. Sounds like a great app but, unfortunately, only seems to be avaialable for iOS devices. I searched Google Play store but couldn’t find it. Do you know of a good app like this for Android?


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