How Many Crochet Top Constructions Have You Tried?

An understanding of how a crochet top is constructed can not only open your eyes to the amazing possibilities but also help you create better fitting garments.  And understanding of top-down construction versus side to side will help you decide which construction works for your body type as well as how to modify the pattern for a custom fit. In her newest book, Blueprint Crochet Sweaters, Robyn Chachula focuses on four basic garment types and their variations.

Crochet Cardigan  

Classic Construction

Classic construction garments are built from blocked panels that have been seamed together. The number of seams can vary, from a simple seam at the shoulders to seams at the shoulder, side, and sleeve, or anything in between.  The main advantage of classically constructed garments is the ability of the shaping within the panels to create a well-fitted piece that follows the body, allowing for bust, waist, and hip shaping as well as sleeves without extra fabric. Because of the shaping in many classic construction tops, it is very important to pay attention to the sizing information in the schematics.

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Top-Down and In-the-Round Construction

Top-down sweaters are worked exactly as the name implies. Rather than working from the hem up in panels, you work from the neckline down with shaping worked in the yoke. This is the perfect construction technique if you want to try the top on as you go, making it easier to make bust, waist, or hip adjustments as you go. The patterns for top-down tend to be on the long side, but the finished piece is well worth the extra directions.

Crochet Sweater  

Granny Motif Construction

Granny motif tops are the perfect combination of lace and building blocks. Whether you are an engineer like Robyn or just loved to play with blocks as a child, you will get a thrill out of watching a crochet top's construction piece by piece. Sweaters are not generally perfect squares or rectangles. So how do you modify a square motif into a triangle or rectangle? It's not as difficult as you may think, and Robyn will show you the tips and tricks to create any shape you need.


These are only some of the construction techniques Robyn highlights. Crochet sweaters can be crochet side-to-side, diagonally, sculpturally, and any other imaginative direction you can dream up. Order Blueprint Crochet Sweaters: Techniques for Custom Construction today and explore construction and crochet stitch techniques with sixteen stunning patterns.

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