How Crochet Led Me to Weaving

The pin loom project from DIY Holiday that started it all.

I started working at Interweave almost six years ago. While the job has changed many times, the communities I've worked on haven't. I am thankful to have worked on Crochet Me nearly the entire time, because well I love yarn.

I learned how to crochet and completed my first pattern in exchange for baby sitting in my early teen years, and ever since haven't put it down. Two thirds of my craft room is dedicated to crochet and knitting and I like it that way. Though I've wanted to learn to quilt, sew, and other fun DIY type things, I've always said there's just not enough room (I love my yarn too much).

So when I was flipping through the new DIY Holiday magazine at work the other day, and came across this picture (right), I was instantly hooked. Then I looked at the instructions only to find out it's a weaving project (still fiber based but alas another craft).

I decided to skip it over and flip through the rest of the issue, but kept coming back to this project. So, when a certain editor overheard me commenting on how cool it was, she said, you know I have that loom at my desk. We'll that was the end of it for me, I picked up the loom and did my first one that night. Hello my name is Tiffany and I crochet, knit, make jewelry, and now weave!

Honestly I couldn't believe how easy it was. Just following the instructions over under, over under, and in about 20 minutes a square is done. And just a tug of a few threads and a flower appears that can be added to my string of led lights. I always imagined weaving to be quite a project, but this was easy.

Weaving a square on the pin loom.
A finished square and the flower it becomes.
My crafty string of lights complete with woven pin loom flowers.

I have already completed six squares, with four more to go. I picked pink as my color to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and plan to hang the finished project at my desk as a reminder of what a little creativity can do.

I have DIY Holiday (and Christina, the Weaving Today editor) to thank, I would have never discovered how much fun weaving on a pin loom actually was. I can't help but encourage you to check out what fun new things might away you in the DIY Holiday issue. You never know what you'll fall in love with creating.

Happy making all my crochet friends!


P.S. By the way, I decided since this is another fiber craft, that I excitedly am adding it to my collection.  I plan to buy the loom and try some other suggested projects like a bag and scarf with the squares.


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