How Crochet Changed Kristin Omdahl’s Life

Happy Thanksgiving! Today we have the opportunity to pause and think about those things we are thankful for in our lives. Three things at the top of my list are food, family, and crochet.

BambooSoFineKristin Omdahl is one of the most incredible lace crochet designers I have ever met! Crochet has changed her life in amazing ways. Here is her story.

Crocheting Lace

When I taught myself how to crochet, it was out of necessity: I was pregnant, living overseas with practically no support for the craft, and compelled to make booties and blankets for my child’s impending arrival. I worked from one little pamphlet my mom shipped to me from the States, and made several layette sets before realizing that my son was about to be born in a tropical climate in the summertime. I’m afraid that he only wore the outfits once, on a day when I cranked the air-conditioning so he could don my outfits for a little photo shoot. It was only a few minutes—I assure you he did not suffer a bit.

In spite of the fact that my first foray into crochet didn’t go exactly as planned, the crochet bug had bitten me, and hard. I was completely obsessed with crochet but had no more booties, layettes, or blankets left to make. What was a mother to do? Always a fan of wraps and shawls, I decided to focus on adult accessories instead. I designed and crocheted a rectangular wrap for my mom. I first made a swatch, then sat down with a calculator, pen, and paper, and figured out how many stitches and rows I needed to create the wrap I wanted to make for her.

Always a math addict at heart, I
was thrilled to be calculating shapes again. So I wondered if I could calculate other shapes as well, like a triangle. I combined crochet with the Pythagorean theorem. Fireworks exploded in the sky, light bulbs went off over my head, and
my passion for crochet design began. I have been consumed, passionate, and thrilled with designing in crochet ever since.

— Kristin Omdahl

We have worked with Kristin to create a yarn kit that is perfect for a warm weather, in Kristin’s distinctive gorgeous lace style. Thirty-five patterns, both crochet and knit, and a skein of shiny bamboo yarn in your choice of colors. Oh the possibilities are endless! Oh, did I forget to mention the silver project bag and Wrapture project wash that are included in the kit?

Order your Bamboo So Fine Kit in your favorite color today and create a gorgeous lacy crochet or knit project that is perfect for an elegant party or beautiful warm day.

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P.S. How has crochet changed your life? Share your story in the comments.

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