Hope Blooms Tutorial

Hope Blooms Poppy by Jenny King, Interweave Crochet Summer 2014


Our latest issue, Summer 2014, features a moving article about Samantha Nerove, a soldier who crochets to keep positive in such a chaotic environment. Samantha loves to crochet flowers for others, and in her words "hand over a piece of sunshine". To find a military treatment facility to send flowers to, see www.npic.org/services/mtfs.pdf.
Also featured in the article is a darling flower pattern from Jenny King. Crochet a beautiful Poppy or Gardenia to brighten someone's day! The backward and forward motion can be a little confusing at first so check out the tutorial below and learn how to make those petals.
1) Your first half petal is somewhat simple, complete your 5 tr, then ch 4 and sc into the next st. Next you will ch 3 (as in the photo). 2) Now you will push the petal forward and work BEHIND the half petal just made in order to sc in the stitch just before the half petal.
3)  Next, ch 3 and work 5 tr into the ch-3 sp that was just created. You are now creating the first half of the second petal (we will complete the petal from step 1 at the very end). 4) Next you will work 5 tr into the next stitch. Shown here is the beginning of the first treble. This is the transition between the first and second halves of the petal.
5) Shown here is the completed first petal. 6) To Start a new petal, ch 4 and sc into the next stitch. 
7) Starting on the next petal: ch 3 and you will again push that petal forward so you can work BEHIND. Skip those 5 tr just made and sc into the sc from center of previous petal. 8) You will now work forward again as you work 5 tr into the ch-3 sp just made. By now you can get the idea of how the forward/backward construction works.
9) Keep working in this pattern across your flower until you reach the end. Your last half petal will actually complete your first half petal. Slip stitch to complete. 10) Sew in all ends and send to someone special!


Sometimes a diagram can be more helpful so we have included a few for reference:
You can see here that the stitches are numbered and that the first half petal has been made. The ch 4 is worked into stitch #2 by a sc. You then ch 3 and sc behind the half petal into stitch 12. Moving onward, you can see here that the first full petal has been made (in orange). Keep working this way across until you reach the end.

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