Hookers and Down Time

Amy posted some interested info on the etymology of “hooker,” building on the brief discussion in The Happy Hooker.

On other fronts, Crochet me may experience some down time tomorrow this evening (Tuesday) after 7pm PST. Our recent server hiccups were due to some deeply buried configuration glitches, and the kind techies at DreamHost will be moving the site to a clean server. Thanks for your patience during all this! I don't lie when I say if it weren't for DH's awesome customer service, I'd have had a stroke by now. I'm looking forward to our new server kicking the old server's butt.

Update (3 May): The server migration was completed lickity-split last night, and all's well in Crochetmeland. Let's hope it stays that way. (This officially marks my first use of an emoticon on the Cm blog [to my shoddy recollection].)

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