Hook Up with Interweave Crochet on Instagram

Laugh and learn with us between issues of Interweave Crochet! You can easily stay on top of what’s new and trending in the world of crochet on Instagram by following the Interweave Yarn & Fiber account. You’ll notice that this account covers all things yarn and fiber, from crochet to spinning to weaving to knitting. How do you find the crochet patterns, inspiration, and tutorials you’re looking for? Here are a few ways to elevate your Instagram experience so you don’t miss a thing.

1. Follow That Hashtag

Instagram recently added the ability to follow hashtags in addition to accounts. This is probably the easiest way to stay up-to-date on new releases, tutorials, and designers. To follow a hashtag, either click on the hashtag in a post or enter it into the search bar, then click “Follow.” Then posts with that hashtag will start appearing in your feed!

Hashtags to follow: #interweavecrochet #crochetersofinstagram #crochetpattern

2. Get in Touch with Instagram Direct

You can always get in touch with us through comments, but don’t be shy about sending us messages through Instagram Direct! Just go to our profile and click Message to send your questions, comments, or requests in private. For example, would you like to see an Instagram profile dedicated exclusively to Interweave Crochet? Send me a message and let me know!

Don’t forget to send your favorite posts to your friends, too! When you find a post you want to share, click on the paper airplane icon to open Instagram Direct and start sharing.

3. Tag, You’re It

Want more? Check out our tag page to see all the posts we’ve been tagged in, including posts from designers showing off their latest creations and crocheters working their way through magazine projects. We love to be tagged! If you’re making an Interweave Crochet project, please tag us and use #interweavecrochet so we can see your work. Don’t forget to tag on Stories, too!

4. Create a Crochet Collection

The best way to save your inspiration for later—whether it’s a pattern you’ve just got to try, a new yarn you’re itching to stitch with, or a designer you want to remember—is to save the relevant post to a collection. While you’re looking at the post, click the flag-shaped icon and then click Add to Collection. You can create and name a new collection by clicking the plus sign. Start with “Crochet Inspiration,” or “Patterns to Crochet,” or get more specific with a collection called “Crochet Hats.”

To find your collections, go to your profile and click on the three parallel lines at the top right, then on “Collections.” All that crochet inspiration you’ve gathered is now at your fingertips!

Looking forward to getting to know you on Instagram!

Yours in Stitches,

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