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Humphrey digs my new fingerless mitts

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I'm watching the sun rise (I love jet lag in this direction) and trying to milk my computer battery for all it's worth while I wait for my luggage to be delivered. Hey, at least I made it onto my connecting flight. My charger's in my luggage. Figures.

The book tour was a wild ride! So much fun and so many people and so much yarn. Know what? Lots of store owners and lots of event attendees were really interested in crochet. Rock.

I'll be hibernating for a couple of days. You know, enjoying the immaculate house Mr Cme brought me home to, staring him in the face after 18 days of being away, playing with the dog, sorting the new yarn, and watching lots of Buffy. I'll emerge toward the end of the week, so please be patient if you send me email. More tales from the road when I'm more adjusted to this time zone…

[This photo is Humphrey at the 30th St. Station in Philadelphia. I made the green fingerless mitts out of my fave-du-book-tour yarn: Malabrigo. So soft! Like lightening to crochet. The mitts don't match each other; they were made on the fly during two different events. I made a hat to match, too. So much yardage! Rest of the tally: A hat donated to cancer patients for the Cancer Connection event at WEBS, a scarf made from the pinkish Malabrigo my secret pal sent me, and a scarf made from luscious Karabella yarn in Neapolitan ice cream colours that I couldn't resist at Stitch DC. On the plane yesterday I started knitting a scarf out of my new Sea Silk. I lurve it.]

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