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Over the last couple of months, I have had the opportunity to explore and play with Craft Daily. Access to a professional crochet instructor at any hour of the day or night is the perfect fit for my hectic, stress -filled life. I can bookmark my favorite parts, rewind and watch again a detailed step or tip, and watch workshops anytime and anywhere.

Here are a few of your favorite videos and mine!


Unexpected Crochet Stitches for Afghans and Beyond

Do you love learning new stitches and creating fascinating fabrics? Crochet designer Robyn Chachula introduces Tunisian stitches and Tunisian entrelac techniques, granny square designs, mosaic crochet, and more fabulous designs that create beautiful afghans. Try applying these new stitches and techniques to garments and accessories as well.


I really enjoyed this video because it discusses so many different ways crocheting can be accomplished. The tips and tricks were very interesting and included strategies I hadn't heard of before. The delivery of the strategies kept my interest and I enjoyed the upbeat nature of the instructor. It's fun to learn something from someone who is passionate about their craft. Thank you.

Theresa – posted 9/4/2013


Mosaic Crochet

Mosaic isn't just for knitting any more. By using dropped double crochet stitches, you can create intricate geometric fabric with just a few easy stitches. Each row uses only one color, so this technique is perfect for beginning crocheters as well as advanced.


I love Lily's teaching style, and this video showcases it well. Mosaic crochet was new to me, but I thought if Lily was teaching it, I'd be able to understand the process. I was not disappointed. It's a beautiful technique using basic stitches to make very complex-looking fabric. I bought Lily's book on it after seeing this course, and now I'm having a mosaic crochet party. I highly recommend this video.

Patricia – posted 7/9/2013


Dying in the Kitchen

Have you always wanted to learn how to dye your own yarn? Experienced dyer Deb Menz will walk you through creating color variations not available commercially. She will also explain how to dip dye, produce ombres, and work deep- and low-water dying. What color will you create first?


Very informative I'm a long time dyer but have never use the green dyes before. Nice step by step.

Catherine – posted 8/29/2013


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