Hemp/Beaded Ric-Rac Bracelet/Choker


Crochet is crafting for the soul


I’m getting into making jewelry and trying new things with it. Right now I’m working on hemp (wow, this is so much easier than macrame)! It’s very simple, and gives a cool jagged effect!

The orange one is done in nylon cording.

Materials List

hemp (I am using scraps, usually about a yard long, it doesn’t take too much)
** or any other finer yarns/threads that you choose
Beads (this pattern uses 9 beads)

Size D/3-3.25mm hook


Finished Size



1 row (4dc2chdc)=1″


This can be adjusted to any length depending on the size. I am using silver beads, of course they are optional.

Remember to string your beads before you begin!– add more beads if you want this longer, I recommend having too many, rather than too few.

Also, if using hemp, remember to block it after it is done, I find warm water works the best to get your hemp to cooperate.

The Pattern

ch 4
R1:(3 dc in 4th from hk, ch2, 1dc) all in same hole, ch 3, turn (5 sts)

R2: 3dc in ch2, ch2*, dc, ch 3, turn

*slide a bead up as you do your 1st of the ch2 to get it in there nice and snug, then ch1

Repeat row 2, you will begin to see a zig-zag pattern as you move. continue to add rows until it is as long as you want it, fasten off and weave in ends.

Attach clasps and you’re done!

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