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You may or may not have noticed, dear readers, that was acting funny earlier today. It wasn't entirely broken, but it wasn't behaving normally, either. It was like – for those of you who have real jobs with other people you see in the office – that coworker of yours who has one too many margaritas over lunch and spends her afternoon “acting normal.”

My limited geek skillz were no match for the funny behaviour, and Mr Cme was at school all day. Alas, I bugged my new best friend, and boy howdy, did she come to the rescue.

Please, please, please pop over to thank Emma Jane. See, Emma Jane works with web sites like this one for a living. She spent an hour with me this afternoon helping to fix the site*, and she didn't get paid for it, and it's that kind of generosity that keeps this site going. So yeah, I thanked her hugely, but I don't think I can thank her enough. So please help by going to her blog and thanking her from you, too.

If it weren't for her, I'd be in support-request-hell right now, just as I'm about to head east for my dad's 60th birthday (happy birthday, dad!). I'd be a freaked-out, cursing mess, and it's because of Emma Jane that I'll be able to relax and spend time with my family for this huge event. And not only that, I learned more about the juice that runs this site, so the next time this particular weird thing happens, I'll have a clue about how to fix it myself. Oh yes, learning is good.

I'll now commence to spend my evening doing laundry and packing and catching up on all the work I didn't do during the day while I was scratching my head and trying to decide whether it would suck of me to bug my new BFF to help me.

* For the maybe one of you who might care, the problem was RAM. Drupal is a RAM suck. So even though we now pay for extra RAM (what, with the launch of the Fall issue taking down our server, and everything), not enough RAM was specifically allocated to PHP, and so PHP didn't have the juice it needed to make the site behave properly. Now it does, because Emma Jane rocks.

PS Speaking of parsimony (which I was doing in the page I linked to up there), I heart Scalzi's recent post about The Occam's Razor Theory of Literary Rejection.

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