Help a Granny Square Out?

Giant Granny Square

So I got it in my head a few weeks ago that it would be fun and relaxing to make a giant granny square out of some lofty super-bulky wool yarn I had around. I gathered it all up and found I had around 500 yards of the stuff: one skein each in grey and tan and two skeins in dark brown.

I could have sworn I'd had some lighter shades, but they didn't turn up after a lazy search so I got used to the idea of a darkish wee blanket. And then I pretty much finished it.

And after that, I discovered two more skeins of yarn: one cream and the other cream and tan.

Should I rework it with more, lighter yarn?

Now I have a dilemma. Do I rip the giant granny square and start again, mixing in the two lighter colours to achieve the look (a fresher one) I'd originally envisioned but losing some of the darker yarns because I cut my ends every time I changed colours and so starting again will mean I won't be able to use all of that yarn? (Breathe.) Or do I leave it as is and use the lighter yarns for something else? (I think it will look terrible if I add the lighter colours to what I already have, so that's not an option.)

What do you think I should do?

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