Hello from Ohio!

The TNNA trade show has only just begun, and here's a brief report so far.

Know what's about the coolest thing ever (that's not designing the perfect top on the first try without ripping once)? Meeting Missa and Jessica in person. The internets are a crazy thing, and hugging someone you've grown to adore only online just ROCKS.

The fashion show tonight featured dozens of knitted designs, but not enough crochet. I'll repeat that for your reading pleasure: Not enough crochet. I mean, there were maybe a handful of patterns that featured crochet. And at least one of them had lots of potential, but in the absence of the all-important waist shaping just fell flat. So. What are we gonna do about this? We must get on it. Let's pick up our hooks and create some crochet FASHION, people. This time next year, we need crochet that will knock the socks off of onlookers when it struts down the runway. Okay? Okay.

Stay tuned for other cool crochet news from my humid stay in Ohio. To tide you over, check out these gorgeous bags. They're even more stunning in person. Seriously.

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