Heigh-ho! Heigh-ho!

It's off to the holidays we go!

A couple of weeks ago, I didn't know that my life was going to be populated by crocheted gnomes. There I was, pinning away on Pinterest, when a gnome came into my life. I wasn't even looking for him. It's not like I searched for crochet amigurumi or ridiculously cute gnome or anything like that. (If you pin, you know how that can happen.)

So, here is my band of merry gnomes:

Crochet Gnome

Ridiculous, aren't they? And don't you just want one Right Now?

Most of these guys are destined to travel to friends' homes. That one in the front, with the sparkly pink moustache, is staying in my home.

All the yarn is stash yarn. I subbed some stray colors in the bottom (they were too shy to let me take a picture of their bottoms), and used the main body color on just the outer rounds.

Want one (or a few) of your own? You can find the gnome pattern at hvadbiertaenker. (scroll down to the picture of the gnomes, then click on Hæklede gnomer. The pattern will appear as a download.) It's in Swedish. You can use Google translate, or do what I did and just follow the pattern as is. If you know the basics of crocheting a cone, it will be fun (Just start with Lav Magisk ring).

The crochet moustache is from Tutus & Tea Parties. Add whatever accessories you like (on one gnome, not shown here, I did a little surface crochet with blingy string along the edge of the hat.) Maybe your gnome is more of a tie guy?

Have fun. And, we'd sure like to see pictures of your crochet gnomes! Just post them in the Member Photo Gallery.

Merry crocheting!

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