Have You Seen Crochet Cables Like These

The new fall issue of Interweave Crochet is here and Holy Crochet Cables! You have to see the crochet cable patterns in this issue. And don’t worry if you are new to cable crochet; the patterns range from beautiful beginner designs to innovative and more complicated projects that are nothing short of inspiring.

The Interweave Crochet editors have even included several articles on crochet cables to get you started. Here is this issue’s editor, Marcy Smith, to tell you more about the issue, cables, and more.

Learn how to create incredible crochet cables.

Clockwise from left: Obion Scarf by Juliette Bezold, St. Croix Scarf by Brenda K. B. Anderson, Rivulet Cowl by Shelby Allaho, Temescal Cardigan by Peter Franzi, Passaic Pullover by Anastasia Popova

Crochet Cables and More

In this issue we have a special focus on cables. Cables are the delightfully mesmerizing raised stitches that travel across fabric like rivers moving through the landscape. The skilled designers behind the projects in this issue have taken crochet cables to new levels, and most of the ten bewitching cable projects here are, in fact, named for rivers that wind through regions where the designers live. All of them show the distance that crochet cables have traveled since the Aran cable afghans of the mid-twentieth century.

These cables are fresh and interesting, worked in lighter yarns that create texture without bulk. You’ll find big cables and little cables, rich crossed post-stitch cables and light traveling cables, in projects ranging from an entry-level cowl to an ambitious cardigan and pullover.

For those who haven’t crocheted cables before, we have gathered the tools you’ll need to get started with a tutorial on the post stitch. You’ll also find an overview by Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby on post-stitch cables and two articles on innovative methods for creating cables without post stitches.


Clockwise from left: Ruched Cardigan by Annie Modesitt, Kinni Cardigan by Annie Modesitt, Tweedy Bag by Nicoletta Tronci

So, hop on the cable car, and find the project that’s just right for you. Of course, we have noncable patterns, too. Autumn Preening, inspired by peacock colors, features two scarves and a coat. And Lace + Tweed combines classic fabrics with openwork in a range of rich garments and accessories. All of these projects introduce innovative techniques that will engage your hook and enhance your autumn wardrobe.

— Marcy

Please excuse me; I’m about to dive into my yarn stash and try to find some yarn for my own Obion Scarf. While I’m away, be sure to download or order your own copy of Interweave Crochet Fall 2016.

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P.S. Which project do you want to crochet first? Let us know in the comments.


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