happy tendons doohickey

Back in October (when I was at the CGOA Regional Conference — there's another one coming up!), I posted a photo of my crochet hook with a nifty, somewhat amorphous red thing on it. I received many questions about it, especially because I labeled it as, "the funky doohickey that doesn't tick off my irritable tendons."

At the time, the only information I could give desperate curious readers was that it's a pencil grip, and I bought it at a stationery store in Cambridge, MA. Since then, I've been plagued by my inability to help you guys out. Sleep has been lost. But, no more!

Behold, dear readers, The Pencil Grip. (Yes, it's actually called that.)

I just received a half dozen of them from this online store (and received very timely service). (Also, on that page you'll see a perfect example of why we should save photographs as .jpg files, not .gif files. Just click that photo to see how much better it looks as a .jpg.) Get some for yourself today!

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