Happy National Sugar Cookie Day!

National Sugar Cookie Day has us wondering what comes to mind when you think of this classic recipe. After comparing notes, we realized this cookie evokes deep nostalgia. A sugar cookie enters your consciousness and suddenly, you are transported to the kitchen of your childhood, fighting with your sister over the only “good” cookie cutter, which just happens to be a star shape that boasts a bit of rust along its edges.

And then, there are the cookie accoutrement: sprinkles in all colors, different hues of sugar to top the cookie off, chocolate bits, and multiple options in frosting. Or, you could take it down to the bare bones and eat that cookie plain. It is still delightful and satisfying.

Are your wheels turning? Are you starting to wonder when you last made a batch? Good! We’ve got a bonus cookie recipe that will fill the family cookie jar with goodness. And to take it a step further, we have just a handful of suggestions that will take your cookie-serving game to the next level.

National Sugar Cookie Day

Hedgehog Teapot Cozy by Victoria Hewerdine Thornton

Taking a page from our brilliant British friends, let’s envision a day that includes both tea and cookies. Of course, those crafty UK folks across the pond experience this on a daily basis. They clearly have their priorities straight (although using the word “biscuit” to describe a cookie is debatable on our Yankee end).

Originally featured in the 2014 edition of Interweave Crochet Accessories, this pattern has been rated as easy. You may as well get started. The work begins at the tip of the hedgehog’s nose. Before you know it, you’ve worked the rows to create the body, and you’ve got the tea cozy to beat all tea cozies. You’ve also got a valid excuse to pair tea with cookies as often as possible.

National Sugar Cookie Day

Petroglyph Baskets by Beth Graham

Before I even get started talking about this universally appealing project – have you seen the full issue of Crochetscene 2014? This volume is a classic example of the comfort that crochet can bring to one’s life. From slippers to totes to skirts, this edition of Crochetscene is a timeless win.

The Petroglyph Baskets are the way to go if you want to extend crochet comfort to a friend. Can you imagine receiving one of these thoughtful handmade baskets as a gift, then removing the lid to discover homemade cookies? That’s right. As a superstar gift-giver, you could be entirely responsible for brightening someone’s day with a memorable item that will become a part of meaningful home decor. This intermediate project is worked in spiral rounds that will result in a striking finish, featuring two colors. This brown and burgundy example would work on many levels – but imagine the possibilities!

National Sugar Cookie Day

Jam Fest Trivets by Marcy Smith

From the 2015 edition of Interweave Crochet Home come these fun-loving trivets. These bad boys are double-density and will keep hot things from damaging the table or sliding off. Yes, I am talking about the cookie sheet upon which you have laid down your sugary dreams. Incorporate these into your kitchen, and your cookie-making sessions will be both memorable and satisfying.

Another project rated at easy,  customizing your cookie game is completely tangible. You can order the pattern, but why stop there? This edition of Crochet Home is chock-full of projects that will make your house a home. Blankets and throws, rugs, bowls, pillow covers, coasters, placemats, curtains, a fantastic ottoman… I am running out of breath naming the many projects that this gorgeous issue offers. Get yourself a copy and start crossing off those dream projects you have always intended to create for your home.

And by all means… have a cookie.


National Sugar Cookie Day

This is from the Love of Crochet Fall 2017 issue – have you picked up a copy yet?

Cookies & Crochet. Just Do It.


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