Happy 7th Birthday, Crochet Me!

Can you believe it's been seven years? Have you been a reader for all that time? Just found the site yesterday? Let's have a party in the comments!

I'll start. Seven years ago, I tried and tried to find cool crochet online and I couldn't. So I wrote a little rant about it on a new site I made, and seven years later here we all are. Thanks for loving crochet as much as I do, and for being a part of this amazing community. Here's to seven more years!

(And just in time for this happy date, CrochetMe.com's first mention on the New York Times's website. There's a fabulous discussion going on over on their Freakonomics blog, concerning the unreliable and/or skewed nature of user ratings. It's geeky and it makes me happy. I have my own opinions, but haven't had quite enough time to flesh them out well enough to write about them. Stay tuned!)

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