Happy 2008!

I hate resolutions. I prefer to let time pass and then look back to see what sorts of funny new habits I formed. 2007 was a year of habits I'd prefer to break. Although I see no particular problem with starting crafts projects and never finishing them, I'd actually prefer to have some more completion in my yarn life. I'll do my best to revisit this topic here.



I don't much like being ill, and I spent more days in bed in 2007 than I ever had in a single year. Not that I consider that to be a habit, but it's certainly a trend I'd like to buck.

I worked all. the. time. Good work. Work I'm proud of. But I neglected my friends and idly watched my home fall into disarray. My sense of humour suffered, as did my generally vibrant disposition. 2008 will be for reconnecting with people I love, and for having a more intimate relationship with my vacuum cleaner. The telephone, that old-school contraption: I will pick it up.

In a feat not entirely unrelated to the amount of time I spent feeling awful, I watched an insane amount of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD (thanks to an alert from a snappy Raveler, I recently bought the box set for a low-low price on Amazon). In addition to geeking out over some great crochet throughout the series, I also watched the first season of Angel (not so great; debating watching more) and Firefly (damn brilliant), thus making me, for the first time ever, a hardcore fan of a person (that would be Joss Whedon). This is both exhilarating and creepy. Related to this kick of television fandom, I've been reading the Buffy comic books, and am growing more and more obsessed with the medium. As such, I'm into the third volume of Neil Gaiman's Sandman, and also read his very good novel American Gods. I'm two books into the His Dark Materials trilogy, and of course read the final Harry Potter book the week it was released. I'm not intending to imply that comic books must be linked with young adult fiction, but I have been enjoying both very, very much. This is a habit I'm quite happy to have formed, and see it colouring a good chunk of my 2008.

And, alas, Crochet Me. Immortalized in print! My workaholic year involved revamping the website, and battling desperately with the multitude of work I still have to do on it. That said, a lovely community has started to develop here, and I'm enjoying it immensely. I hope you are too. 2008 will certainly involve a more regular schedule here on the blog, and some much-needed (if not awaited) improvements to the site.

This photo (above) is from last week. It's of a beach on the Mayan Riviera. My first experience of that bizarre beast: the all-inclusive resort. Not a habit I'd like to form, but an excellent, perfect setting for the end of 2007.

I wish you all a very happy, healthy 2008, filled with yarns your fingers won't put down, creations that satisfy your mind and conscience, and only good things.


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