Handmade Fun: Crochet, Beads, and Friends

At the Interweave offices in Colorado, the third floor is primarily the domain of the editorial staff, and frequently we stop to admire the projects waiting for their debut in our sister publications. Before writing my latest newsletter, I visited the beading offices where they were preparing the Stringing projects for print. We had been discussing the possibility of an impromptu photo shoot combining some of our favorite projects from the Interweave Crochet Fall 2010 issue and the upcoming Stringing issue.

Excited by the prospect of showcasing both crochet and jewelry, five of us gathered in the photo studio across the street, each with a crocheted item, a beautiful piece of jewelry, and a single prop. We quickly discovered that the combination of beautiful handcrafted projects and good friendship equals laughter and fun, and each photo series also quickly developed a story.

Kathy combined the luscious Lacy Cables Scarf with elegant rose and green earrings. With the addition of an old trunk, she felt herself transported to the gangplank of a cruise ship. Laughing she joked the ship was the Titanic but promised it would not sink this time.
Next good friends Heidi and Alexandra took their turn in front of the camera. Fancying herself an artist, Alexandra picked up a fake paintbrush and created an imaginary masterpiece. The Birch Vest and eye catching necklace certainly give her an artistic flair.
 Heidi was framed. She caught one glimpse of this pale green frame and called dibs. Combined with the Sangria Cardigan and a bracelet comprised of colorful metal flowers, this frame brought out her inner model.

I see Sarah as our resident office shawl wearer. She loves making shawls to wear herself and to give as gifts. The Sugar Maple Shawl and this necklace with its prominent pendant would warm her up on a cool morning and start the creativity flowing. Sarah decided to throw in a cup of “hot coffee”. Seems she found something surprising in her cup.
As the photographer of the group, I was the last the take a turn in front of the camera. I love these earrings, and the Sage Jacket lends a fun flair that’s still perfect for the office or a fun day with friends. And the mini umbrellas we found in the prop room soon had us singing old Broadway tunes. These earrings will definitely be my first Stringing project.
Come join us! Grab a copy of Stringing and create the perfect jewelry compliment to your crochet projects, then grab a camera and some friends.

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