A Spooktacular Sale on Halloween Crochet Patterns

There really is no better way to say it. I love Halloween.

It’s true, I do. I love the way the days get cloudier and the nights grow longer. I love the chilly wind and even the occasional October snowfall. Plus I love the grocery stores becoming packed with Halloween candy and apple cider. I. Love. Halloween.

Me, whenever October rolls around. via GIPHY

Perhaps my favorite thing about Halloween, though, is the aesthetic. The decorations, the costumes. The pageantry of it all. There is something so delightful about carved pumpkins that look innocent by day but take on a sinister edge once the sun sets. And who could forget, of course, all the crafting opportunities!

A sweet, yet sinister, spider. Photo by George Boe.

A sweet, yet sinister, spider. Photo by George Boe.

To help you get in the mood, many of our spookier Halloween crochet patterns are on sale! One of my personal favorites is the Webster Witch by designer Brenda K.B. Anderson. This clever toy can double as a decoration, since the legs use foam hair-curler rods to make her posable!

crochet Halloween pumpkins autumn Thanksgiving

You’ve gourd to try this pattern! Photo by George Boe.

If you want something that could do double-duty for Thanksgiving, check out these Li’l Punkins by designer Deborah Bagley. The pattern is charmingly simple, using plain-woven pin-loom squares for the body of each pumpkin. Make them in the traditional colors of orange and white, or perhaps try some eerie black, purple, or blood red for even spookier décor.

Pumpkin Pie slouchy crochet hat

Keep your head nice and cozy. Photo by George Boe.

October is also the month (at least here in Colorado) where I start breaking out my cozy, cold-weather hats. If you’re in the need of something seasonally appropriate, but also quite festive, give designer Natasha Robarge’s stylish Pumpkin Pie Slouchy Hat a shot! The pattern uses bulky-weight yarn, so it is not only warm but quick to make!

If you want to see what other creepy crafts and Halloween crochet patterns we have in store, click here to explore!

Happy Haunting!

Top photo by Toni Cuenca from Pexels.

Trick or treat yourself to some spooky Halloween crochet patterns!

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