Guest Post on Knitting Daily Today

The fabulous Sandi asked me to write a guest post on Knitting Daily today, and I took the opportunity to very loosely gloss over one of my major talking points this season (and to show a couple of sneak peeks from the winter Interweave Crochet). From the look of the first dozen or so comments, some knitters found it eye-opening, some knitters are crocheters, and some knitters refuse to look past their needles in a way that resembles racism in real life. Discounting the latter as a lost cause, I must say I've really enjoyed talking to so many knitters this season. We all love the yarn, eh?

But, really, the same points are relevant to us crocheters, too. Knitters aren't the only ones who have to be gently shown that crochet is good for all things. Crocheters often harbour just as steadfast, unenlightened prejudices about the craft. I've talked to lots of crocheters who insist afghans or lace are the only way to go. Maybe because that's all the product they want at the end of a project, but it's certainly not so in the broad sense.

What do you think, oh crocheters?

PS I'm trying to figure out how to return the "comments" link for each post to the homepage of this blog. For now, please just click through to the post's permalink page and comment from there. Thanks!

PPS I hope to see you tomorrow in Burbank! I'm going to read up on the writers' strike while I wait for my plane to board.

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