Groundhog Day. BING!

You'd think giving myself a month to crochet a wee amigurumi groundhog would have provided time enough that I'd finish the project without rushing. Oh, friends. How long have you known me? Surely long enough to know without my stating it that I started my groundhog right away and left the stuffed body lying around on my kitchen table for weeks. Thankfully I didn't spill anything on it.

So then last night I gathered that body up along with the yarn and pattern and parked myself on the couch for three hours in a mad-dash last-minute effort to give the poor dude limbs, ears and a tail before today.

Meet Ned Ryerson, prognosticator of nothing in particular.

Ned Ryerson, Groundhog       Ned Ryerson, Groundhog

Project specs:
Started: 9 January 2010
Finished: 1 February 2010
Pattern: Groundhog, by June Gilbank
Yarn: Red Heart Designer Sport
Hook: 3.75mm

June Gilbank, designer of the groundhog pattern, has a running round-up of completed groundhogs on her blog.

So now I suppose it's time to spend some quality couch time with that granny square blanket…

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