Greta Stole: Wrangling Faux Fur

The Greta Stole by Lindsay Jarvis, Interweave Crochet, Fall 2014
Faux fur… I know… it brings about a lot of cringing to most people… but I love the look and feel of fur! I have played with novelty yarns before but was never really happy with the final outcome until now. Here are some tips that I picked up along the way which will hopefully encourage you to try out a faux fur project of your own.

Choosing the right yarn:

When I set about to design a faux fur stole, I really wanted to use a yarn that would feel soft and luxurious… which can be a challenge when working with faux fur! Caribou by HiKoo (see picture below) comes in a nice range of colors, both natural and bright, and is a fabulous high-quality option for faux fur. 

(Caribou by Hikoo)

Carry along another yarn:

After playing with the Caribou by itself, it was easy to see that deciphering stitches was going to be very difficult. By stringing along Simplicity by HiKoo (see picture below), a machine washable wool blend, the stitches were much easier to see. I used a similar color to the Caribou and the combination of the two yarns created a decadent fabric. While the "regular" yarn helps you to see your stitches, the faux fur yarn really does cover it up in the fabric.

(Simplicity by Hikoo)

Don't be afraid of stitch markers:

While the carried yarn will certainly help to decipher stitches, it can still be a challenge to see exactly what you are doing underneath all of that fluff. This is a very simple pattern, however it can still be beneficial to mark stitches as you go to make sure you are on track. For example, if you have a row of 14 sc, you could mark the 7th to make sure you are where you need to be as you continue the next row. 

Make sure your hook is large enough:

You definitely do not want to be fighting to get your hook through stitches! Choose a large hook that easily glides through your yarns. This will make the crocheting much easier.

I do hope that this might encourage you to give faux fur a try, it makes a really fun vintage look and crochets up incredibly fast!

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