Greatest Crochet Hits of 2016

Ask five people to name their favorite Interweave pattern in 2016 and you’ll get five different answers. Case in point, I asked several of my coworkers this very question, and (you guessed it) I received five different answers. Here’s what my colleagues selected for their 2016 favorites:

Violaceous Tote from Love of Crochet, Summer 2016

Crochet Tote
I stash crochet patterns like a squirrel stashing nuts for winter, but I only start a project with a recipient in mind, so when my friend went gaga over the Violaceous Tote by J. Erin Boland in the Love of Crochet, Summer 2016 issue, I tackled the project head-on. This pattern ended up being my favorite Interweave pattern of 2016. The bag works up quickly, and the yarn is easy to find at any local craft store.
Dana Derr, Customer Service Representative

Busy Bobbly Beanie from Interweave Crochet Accessories 2016

Crochet Beanie
I’m making the Busy Bobbly Beanie by Brenda K. B. Anderson for my daughter-in-law. It’s a fun-looking beanie and will look great in the solid purple that I’m using to make it. She’s moving to Colorado next year and will need a warm hat.

Suzanne VanderBorgt, Customer Service Representative

Ventura Shawl from Interweave Crochet, Summer 2016

I can never pick favorites—there are just too many great patterns out there. But if you force me to choose just one, I’ll go with the Ventura Shawl from Interweave Crochet Summer 2016. Typically, if I can’t wear something, I don’t want to make it. This shawl by Zsuzsanna Makai makes the mandala into a wearable wrap. I can play with the mandala trend AND have something to wear around the office. It’s perfect.

Sara Dudek, Associate Editor for Interweave Crochet

Whiskers Vest from Interweave Crochet, Winter 2017

I can’t wait to make the Whiskers Vest by Kristen TenDyke from Interweave Crochet, Winter 2017. It looks to be something that will both wear well and flatter multiple body types.

Susanna Tobias, Project Editor for Interweave Crochet and Love of Crochet

Iceberg Hat from Love of Crochet, Winter 2016

iceberg_600x600My favorite pattern of 2016 is the Iceberg Hat by Dora Ohrenstein. As a beginner crocheter, I like that it’s a quick and pretty project that will let me practice a new stitch pattern. I’m drawn to the slightly unusual shape as well—slouchy is in, and I don’t have to worry about getting the fit just right. Plus, as the art director for the photo shoot, I love that I got to bring in my dog Willow to help with the modeling!

Kerry Jackson, Graphic Designer for Love of Crochet


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