Granny Squares to Design With

A crochet afghan is a big project to finish. I think that's why crocheters love sample afghans. A variety of squares, techniques, and colors make each motif exciting. You'll be finished with your afghan before you even realize it.

I love curling up with a granny square dictionary and marking my favorite squares. But once you have your granny squares chosen how do you go about designing your own sampler afghan? In The Big Book of Granny Squares, Tracey Lord gives several options for designing your own sampler afghan.

The Big Book of Granny Squares

There are several ways you can approach creating your own design for a larger piece. If you are confident at drawing, simply drawing out your design idea is the most straightforward option. You could trace the design from the book to speed the process up, or use large-scale graph paper and make a design plan using colored pencils or pens.

Another very simple method is to make up one square from each of the designs you've chosen and then make color copies or scans of each one. Create a few more copies than you think you need of each particular square. Cut out the copied squares and arrange them until you are happy with the overall design, then secure it on a larger piece of paper as a guide while working. For a larger project you could work out part of the design in this way, then repeat it over again to your chosen size.

If you feel confident with technology, a digital program is particularly helpful when working out larger, more complex arrangements for bigger items, such as blankets. Make a sample square of each type you plan to use, photograph it and save the photographs onto a computer-it's a good idea to reduce the size of each file at the same time to avoid an enormous, unworkable document. Open a new document in a word-processing or image-manipulation program and paste the photographs beside each other in repeat, moving them about until you are happy with the arrangement. This method also allows you to change colors, which is useful if you have a complicated design.

-Tracey Lord

Really, it's easy! Get your copy of The Big Book of Granny Squares today and start creating your own granny square sampler afghan.

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P.S. Do you have a trick for designing afghans? Share your tips in the comments.

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