Granny Square YAR!

Well, kids, I've just had a surreal experience. It's not because I'm sitting in a frustratingly-perfumed hotel room in Burbank as I write this (really, what's up with "deodorizing" a room with perfume? Gag). It's because I just saw myself on YouTube.

It turns out Terri Lynn is a sneaky crocheter. When I was doing my schpiel at Lamb Shoppe in Denver a couple of weeks ago, she sat with her camera propped up; I thought she was taking lots and lots of pictures. No, she was taking lots and lots of video. And I realized it immediately after she stopped recording this video I've copied here. I did a whopping YAR! about granny squares, then was thrust back in time three years to thoughts of poor Howard Dean and the effects his unbridled enthusiasm had on his career. Hopefully I'll still have a job at the end of the day.

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