Granny Square Slippers


Sheri Liegh Adams


I’m sorry I don’t have a picture to post. My camera is refusing to cooperate with me and upload the pictures. I’m going to be buying new batteries for it soon and hopefully that will resolve the issue.

For now, the pattern is a simple one. And if you have a granny square handy, just fold it in half and you will see what the pattern will look like.

What I’m making is a slipper pattern. If you measure a person’s foot, what you do is crochet a granny square until it fits the length of the person’s foot. Once you reach that length, you fold the granny square in half. You stitch up both short ends which will make the heel and the toe. Then you stitch up a part from the toe going toward the heel, REMEMBERING to leave a wide enough opening for the foot to enter the slipper.
For warm slippers, make 2 granny squares and crochet them together before folding in half and sewing up the slipper way. For a lighter slipper, use just one granny square for each slipper.
This is an easy and quick to make pattern, that is especially good for beginner crocheters and one I teach to people learning to crochet.
When my camera decides to work, I’ll get a picture uploaded of one of my patterns.


Sheri Adams

Materials List

Crochet hook size 6.5mm.
Number of balls of yarn depends on how many colours you want to use to make your slipper. One ball of yarn will make one large slipper or two small slippers. If you are making 2 granny squares for each slipper, you will need to double the yarn amount.
Usually, 2 balls of one colour will make the number of granny squares despite if you slippers are light or heavy.
A darning needly or use your crochet hook for darning ends in.

A good sense of humour and an aire of excitement.

Finished Size

Depends on the size of the foot you are making. It will usually work out to fit the size of the foot within mm.


Again, that depends on the hook you are using and the type of yarn. I find that 3 dc is about 1-1 1/2″.


Comfy, warm and easy to make, whip up a pair in about 2 hours.

The Pattern

With your crochet hook, chain 5. Join with a sl st in the first chain to form a ring.
Round 1:
Chain 3. In ring, make 2 dc, chain 3; {3 dc, chain 3}. Do {} 2 times more. Join with a sl st to top of beg ch 3.
Round 2:
Sl st in next 2 dc.

*In ch 3 space, ch 3, 2 dc, ch 3, 3 dc. Ch 2.* Repeat from * to * 3 more times. Join with sl st to top of beg. ch. 3.

Continue to make rounds using the method of having 3 dc in each ch 3 space and each ch 2 space. You basically make your granny square until it is the size needed to fit the foot.

If you are making 2 granny squares for each slipper, once you have reached the length needed, fasten off and SC the 2 granny squares together, with right sides facing out.

Whichever slipper you are making, fold in half and sew/slip stitch up the heel and toe area. Working from the toe back, until you have enough of an opening left to insert foot into. Remember if the foot is large, to leave an opening large enough for the foot to fit into or you will be un doing some work and redoing it!

Turn your work, inside out, or leave as is if you wish, and put on foot for comfort.

A final note, it is best to work ends in as you go along. It is also best to use a soft yarn for this because many people have sensitive feet. This is a good pattern for all ages and everybody likes warm feet, not cold feet. Enjoy, crochet and be creative.

Sheri Adams

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