Granny Square Hat, Scarf, Poncho and Afghan Pattern




This is a basic granny square pattern which you can join together for a hat, scarf, poncho or an afghan.

Materials List

4 colors of Red Heart Comfort or any yarn you have on hand.

I/9-5.50MM, or one suitable for the yarn.


Measures 1″ across first round. Before joining, each square measures about 4.5″ across.

Hat Measures: 8″ from top to bottom when laying flat, and  22″ in circumference.

Scarf Measures: 5.5″ wide, and 67″ long.

Poncho Measures: 16″ across squares from neckline outward, and 24″ diagonally across squares from point in neckline to bottom point. The size may be increased by adding another round of squares.

Afghan can be made to any size.

The Pattern

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