Granny, Meet the Stripes


The Anarchist Knitter


I’m sure it’s not new. I’m sure that someone, somewhere, has had the same idea. But yesterday, as I was playing with yarn, I decided to entertain this idea: what would you get if you mixed a “traditional” granny square with the “solid” granny square? The answer is a very cool motif.
I decided to called it “Granny, Meet the Stripes”, because it does create a nice stripey effect. 

Materials List

– 25 gr of worsted weight yarn, in Colour A (CA);
– 50 gr of worsted weight yarn, in Colour B (CB – the solid section);
(Obviously, you can choose to use as many colours as you like. It’s a free world, you’re the owner of your crochet and life is too short to follow directions).
– 5mm/H hook.

Finished Size

8 inches / 20 cm


4 dc/2 rows = 1 inch

The Pattern

Find the pattern here.

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