Grandma Resa’s Ripple Blanket

Grandma Resa's Ripple Blanket

I admit I'm not a big fan of yarns made from synthetic fibres. But man, they sure are good for some kinds of projects.

My Grandma Resa made this ripple blanket a couple of years before I was born. Which means it's around 36 years old. Look at how vibrant the colours are! And it's barely pilling. It's machine washable, so it's even clean. All the time.

Grandma Resa's Ripple Blanket

One day I'll try to steal it from my parents. And I won't worry about packing it carefully for a trip across the continent. I'll just shove it in my suitcase, confident it'll come out the other side in perfect shape. I bet this blanket will outlive me, really.

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