Go with the flo

In our enewsletter, CrochetMe More, we're exploring what happens when you crochet in the back loop only (blo)or front loop only (flo). (Not getting the enewsletter yet? Pop over to the right there and click on "Get Our Enewsletter")

Working flo produces a fabric with a smooth finish, good coverage and great drape. And, like Flo "Kiss My Grits" Castleberry at Mel's Diner, this stitch is taller than its both-loop counterpart.

The double-loop double-crochet swatch is on the left; flo is on the right. The swatches have the same number of rows, but the flo swatch is a full row taller. And the unused back loops present as a fine horizontal line.


Try a swatch and see how you can apply it to your favorite pattern.

Have fun going with the flo.


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