Go Back to Crochet School this Fall

The crazy months of summer are drawing to a close. I can't wait! While the vacations and trips of summer are exciting, I can never seem to find enough time to crochet.

Hank Vest by Robyn Chachula  

That's why, every fall, I pick something new to learn. I go back to school. Classes on DVD or digital download are perfect because they can be watched and reviewed any time, day or night, and unlike a college class, you never have to worry about grades.

A few years ago, I studied the construction of crochet hats. I wanted to really understand how to make hats and be able to design my own in a variety of solid and lacy stitches.  I watched Design Your Own Hat with Robyn Chachula over and over again, picking up a new nugget of information each time.

This year I am going to delve into garment design with Design Your Own Crocheted Baby Sweater with Robyn Chachula. Crochet baby sweaters are the best way to start designing and playing with shaping. The sweaters are little, and babies won't complain if the armholes are a little big.

  The set of Design Your Own Crocheted baby Sweater

Here is Robyn to tell you a little more about her DVDs:

Crocheting with Robyn

In my baby sweater and hat DVD workshops, I include as much information as you would get in one of my classes. Actually, you get more, since I don't have to skip around, as I sometimes do in in class. In every DVD, I approach the subject from beginning to end, like I'm creating a crocheted project along with you. We jump in with yarn choices and what yarn works best for your project, as well as some of my favorite yarns to crochet with.

We move on to stitch patterns. Every workshop includes at least three stitch patterns that I walk through step by step. We discuss garment or hat style and construction.


Then we step into Math Class and break down, row by row, how to not only work out gauge but how to shape garments as well. We use tricks I have picked up and sketch out our shaping using crochet symbols that will break down all the scary math.

Last, we talk about finishing, whether that is adding ribbing, flowers, blocking, seaming, or zippers. The included worksheet walks you through the DVD with me, so you don't have to worry about missing any tip along the way.

A number of the tips in the baby sweater workshop can easily be applied to women's or men's garments. The tips in the hat workshop work for other accessories or toys. My ultimate goal is for everyone, even seasoned crocheters, to walk away having learned something new; just like I love to do when I take classes myself.

– Robyn Chachula

For a limited time you can get both of Robyn's workshops for the price of one! Order the DVD bundle (or download the video bundle) today and learn to design your own accessories and garments. I'm off to learn to design a sweater.

Best wishes,

P.S. What new crochet skill would you like to learn this fall?


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