Giving Crocheted Gifts: Be A Fiber Ambassador!

If you’re anything like me (and I suspect you are) most of the projects you make are gifts. Crafty people have a generosity of spirit that’s second to none. I think it’s why a lot of us pick up our hooks in the first place; I know it’s one of the reasons why I love working at Interweave. Choosing the perfect item, finding the recipients favorite color, and giving someone a little piece of us is one of the most satisfying feelings that we know. The gifts we make, as well as the sentiment behind them, are worth preserving. As such, I’m posting a little tidbit around ensuring that the thought that goes into making the gift continues with the giving of it, too.

Most folks outside of our yarn-y world don’t really know how to care for fine fibers. I feel that it is our job to be Fiber Ambassadors! When we give a crocheted gift, our Ambassador-ship requires that we instruct the recipient how to properly care for the item so that it can be worn again and again, while maintaining the fabulous condition in which it was given. There are all sorts of ways to give care instructions to a recipient of a crocheted gift. Here’s a round-up of some of my favs.

Keep it simple. You can include the ball band for the fiber that was used in your package. It already contains the care instructions for that particular yarn. It’s not the showiest of ways to convey this information, but it ideas

Make your own care tag. Having the information available on the yarn ball already means you have the ready-made instructions. There are any number of ways to personalize a little label and hand-write a message with instructions to the recipient. To the left is one that I really enjoy.



Gift Tags, Humor Set II



Buy a store-bought tag. There are a bazillion and one adorable tags available for purchase. Some crafty-specific ones I happen to love are these Knitterella Gift Tags. They come with the care instructions on the back, and you can just circle the ones that apply to your gift!






Include some wool wash! Not a lot of folks besides us stitch-ers will have this handy, and these washes really go a long way to preserving the color and quality of fibers. It’s a thoughtful way to avoid the recipient from having to search out some for themselves, or make a trip to the dry-cleaners. Keeping the little sample sizes handy and adding them to your gift is simple and thoughtful.

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