Crochet the Gingko Shawl in a Speckled Yarn!

We have the perfect project to finish out your summer! Crochet the Gingko Shawl in a speckled gradient yarn with our new kit. The shawl, designed by Angelia Robinson, was a favorite from Love of Crochet Fall 2016, and now we’re combining it with 2 of our favorite yarn trends: speckled yarn and mini-skein gradients! This trendy shawl will carry you right into fall!

All summer long we’ve been admiring mini-skein gradients worked into shawls and super fun speckled (or splatter) yarn. So naturally, we got in touch with our friends at Lorna’s Laces and asked them to create one of their signature Lorna’s Laces String Quintet mini-skein packages especially for us. This exclusive packet of mini-skeins includes five 125-yard skeins in shades of gray and white, plus one skein of speckled yarn that has a white base and gray and pink speckles. We used the speckled yarn as the second skein in our gradient, but the placement of your speckled gradient is up to you—it fits in everywhere!

speckled yarn

What exactly is speckled yarn, you ask? Speckled yarn distinguishes itself from other variegated yarns with its distinct flecks or splatters of color. In other types of variegated yarns the entire strand changes color every so often, which allows us to play with planned color pooling and other fun techniques. Speckled yarn features small flecks of color throughout, rather than the entire strand changing color at certain intervals. This gives both the yarn and the finished project a confetti splash of color. True, you can’t do planned pooling with speckled yarn, but you don’t have to worry about it pooling in a funny or awkward way either. You’re pretty much guaranteed the ability to stitch regularly and still have a very fun color result. You really can’t go wrong with speckled yarn!

This shawl features a combination of chain and single crochet stitches to create its open netting pattern. The open stitches make this shawl perfect for the heat of summer and its neutral color palette will carry you into fall. Wear it on a chilly summer night or save it for the colder weather to come.

Use this kit to play with the speckled yarn trend! Have you crocheted with speckled yarn before? Let us know in the comments!

-Sara Dudek
Associate Editor, Interweave Crochet

Give Speckled Yarn a Go!


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