Singing Spring: The Ghost Ranch Shawlette

Say hello to spring with a new crochet kit that you’ll love! Check out the Ghost Ranch Shawlette Crochet Kit. Sigrid Arnott designed this lovely accessory, made in a Freia Ombre Fingering Shawl Ball that further enhances its beauty. This colorful Freia yarn reminded us of paintings by Georgia O’Keeffe who lived at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico. Warning: you might want to make 3 of these, like I did.
ghost ranch shawlette

You’ll get a downloadable PDF for the pattern and a Freia Ombre Fingering Shawl Ball in colorway Chinook. The Shawl Ball comes in a convenient center-pull cake, so it sits comfortably in your yarn bag or on a table without rolling all over the place. And the ombre color effect for this yarn is magical! Watch your stitches change from a deep rusty red color at the beginning to a magnificent blue as you reach the final rows. Or if you want to start with blue, simply work from the outside of the cake. Made from 100% U.S. cruelty-free merino, this shawl is remarkably soft—you won’t want to stop wearing it. The pattern includes both written and charted instructions, so you can read through stitches step by step or visualize them (whichever is easiest for you). The pattern also includes detail shots to show how your yarn will work its color changes.

ghost ranch shawlette

Even though it looks complicated, you’ll find this shawl easy to make. Work a series of shell stitches throughout the body, then add a border that’s only slightly more complex. Even a beginning crocheter can handle this fun piece. We’re so confident in this claim, we’re going to prove it with a crochet off! Follow along with Dana Leigh in this week’s upcoming WIP feature. Interweave staff—including newbies—all gave it a try. We just couldn’t keep it off our hooks!

I’m especially guilty of being hooked on the Ghost Ranch Shawlette. If you came to Yarn Fest, you saw mine, because I wore it at pretty much every event I attended. It kept me warm on a rainy day when we huddled in for a beginning crochet workshop. I even brought it to show off at the very first Interweave Yarn Fest Fashion Show! It was so popular at the Fashion Show, I think it converted some avid knitters to the hook just to make the project.

ghost ranch shawlette

I’ve already confessed to making 3 of these Shawlettes—they work up pretty quickly. I’m thinking I might make a fourth or fifth for all the mothers in my life that have a certain holiday coming up. What do you think, stitchers? Will you keep this beautiful shawlette for yourself or give it to someone special?

Happy stitching to you!

-Sara Dudek
Associate Editor, Interweave Crochet

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