Get Your NaKniSweMo On

NaNoSweMoAll you aspiring, masochistic writers out there have no doubt heard of NaNoWriMo, yes? Of course you have. Leave it to Shannon “I'll take any excuse to buy a sweater's worth of yarn” Okey to launch NaKniSweMo: National Sweater Knitting Month. Or crochet, I'm sure! I'm so sure, in fact, that I'm willing to force crochet into the picture, knowing Shannon will welcome crocheters with open arms.

Need a kick in the butt to make a sweater while the weather's perfect for wearing it, and along with scores of internet friends? Here's your chance. Might I suggest any of the following?

  • Sweet – the custom fit sweater template from our current issue. Join the CAL and you can do a double-whammy!
  • Autumn Spice – a lovely cardi
  • Ice-Blue Ribbon – for those of you in warmer climes who want to both crochet and knit
  • Baby It's Cold Outside – maybe making four of these will count?
  • Ballet Sweater – a classic wrap for all occasions
  • Swirl – two words: yummy alpaca

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