Get Demanding

I adore Amy Singer. And so it is without shame that I copy her blatantly.

I am so totally jacked by your response to even just the cover of the Crochet Me book that I can't stop thinking about the fall. In the fall I'm going to tour around a bit. And just like I haven't yet seen the insides of said book, the touring plans are still up in the air. If you, too, are a fan of Amy's (or Shannon's), you have surely read about how amazing the publicists at Interweave are. And just like Amy, I'll pass on any good, hard data I can collect to those magic-makers and see what we can do.

I've put a handy blue badge in the sidebar of the blog. It's run by a site called Eventful, those kind folks who will do the collecting of the hard data. Want me to come to a town near you? Demand it, baybee, and maybe we can make it happen. I want to meet you, but it's not helpful for me to tell the magic publicists that I want to go everywhere.

I even set up a Crochet Me group so y'all can chat about the events and stuff. You know, in a few months. When they happen.

It's still all a while away, but I can't wait.

UPDATE: Dude. I love the internet. I just got an email from the founder of Eventful; he must stalk his site stats just like I do. As I'm sure was his intent, I feel special and love the site even more now. And to think I'd fabricated that bit above about the people behind the site being kind. Turns out I was right. Anyhoo, I await your demands.

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