Crochet Wedding Patterns that are Perfect for Any Wedding

You'll love these free crochet wedding patterns.

You'll love these FREE crochet wedding patterns for your or a friend's special day!You crochet gifts for friends and family; your drawers are full of your own crochet accessories and garments, and yarn is overflowing from bins. Crochet is a large part of all of our lives, and it is important that the beauty of crochet stitches be represented on our special occasions, including weddings. We’re happy to share a FREE eBook on crochet wedding patterns with you!

Weddings are special occasions for everyone, from the glowing bride and groom to the proud parents and wedding party to the honored guests. A day of fancy gowns, flowers, and sparkle, unique handmade touches can make the day a true reflection on you. We have gathered six wedding patterns especially to help you celebrate this special day in this free eBook. From delicate lace flowers and a lace edging to adorn the veil to elegant ruffles tamed with ribbon to make the perfect custom garter pattern, you will find the perfect heirloom project for the bride.

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We compiled a stunning collection of crochet wedding patterns including the perfect wedding shawl pattern and a delicate lace wedding garter pattern. The delicate lace and thread flowers of the wedding veil can be easily modified to embellish a bouquet, dress, or decorations. A colorful clutch in tapestry crochet is a wonderful way to incorporate your wedding colors and it makes a thoughtful gift for the wedding party.

Handmade jewelry or an eye-catching purse makes the perfect crochet wedding gifts, allowing you to add a pop of your favorite colors to the bridal party. The personal touch will become reminder of your day that they will never forget. Beautifully draped lace shawls make excellent crochet wedding gifts as well, and are particularly graceful wrapped around the shoulders of the blushing bride.

Crochet Wedding Patterns Inside:

Wedding Veil

Learn how to crochet a wedding veil in this FREE eBook on crochet wedding patterns.
By Christina Marie Potter
This crochet wedding veil is an heirloom piece with delicate lace sewn around the edge of the veil and ivory flowers clustered at the crown. Add sophistication to your wedding without breaking the bank and leaving more money for the honeymoon with this delicate crochet wedding pattern.

Shape Shifting Shawl

Learn how to crochet a wedding shawl in this FREE eBook on crochet wedding patterns.
By Tracy St John
This crochet wedding shawl was designed by Tracy St John to wear to a friend’s wedding. Tiny buttons and wide ribbon quickly convert this lace stole into a shrug that leaves your hands free for drinking, dancing, and eating cake. The lace pattern is easily memorized and a great way to relax as you plan the more stressful parts of a wedding.

Tatiana’s Earrings and Cuff

You'll love these crocheted earrings and cuff in our FREE eBook on crochet wedding patterns.
By Robyn Chachula
This beautiful wedding crochet earring and cuff set combines thread and beads for stunning crochet jewelry. The detailed stitch diagram helpfully illustrates the twists and turns of this design. Work this set up in your colors as a wonderful bridesmaid’s gift or crochet them in elegant white.

Esther Shawl

Make this crocheted shawl in this FREE eBook on crochet wedding patterns.
By Lana Holden
This crochet wedding shawl is the perfect bouquet of flowers with delicate petals that will keep their beautiful shape and color for years. The trapezoid shape and bias stretch combine to give this shawl exceptional drape. A great wedding shawl pattern, this design only has two ends to weave in.

Mitla Purse

This is the perfect crocheted gift and can be found in our FREE eBook on crochet wedding patterns.
By Carol Ventura
This elegant purse is the perfect wedding gift for bridesmaids or other special friends. The colorwork tapestry crochet design can be crocheted in your wedding colors to create a piece that will be well used and a beloved reminder of an extraordinary day.

Of course these patterns are exclusively for wedding. The gorgeous shawl patterns are the perfect accessory to pair with your sundress for a quiet evening with friends, and the geometrical design on the small purse makes it an eye-catching piece for every-day use. The lace of the wedding veil and wedding garter are easily modified in length to adorn a hem, scarf, and more.

These six free wedding patterns provide unique pieces that will allow your love of crochet to shine and create heirloom projects that will be cherished and shared. Learn how to make your own garter with the Ruffled Lace Garter pattern, and create a wedding garter with the perfect fit. Embellish your veil with delicate flowers and yards of lace. And whip up crochet wedding gifts in your chosen colors with a simple purse or elegant jewelry set. Lace shawls are the perfect accessory for the reception and the shawls we have included with these wedding patterns are ideal for the occasion.

Download your free eBook today and learn how to make a lace garter and discover free crochet wedding patterns that will ensure you have the perfect accessory for the special day. But these wedding patterns reach beyond a single day. Download this free eBook to get started.

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