further tips

A follow-up to my post yesterday about the The Pencil Grip:

  1. So far I've used these grips on hooks ranging in size from 3.5mm to 10mm. On smaller hooks, I wrap medical or electrical tape around the part where I'll put the grip. This makes the hook thick enough to hold the grip in place. With larger hooks, I just shove the grip on. Even though the hole in the grip looks pretty small, the rubber is soft and very durable. So I just wrangle with it until I get it to its proper place.
  2. Don't feel pressured to hold the grip as you would if you were using it on a pen or pencil. As you can see from the photo I posted yesterday, I don't even place my fingers in the places they're "supposed" to go. Just hold it however it feels most comfortable.
  3. I'm no expert on repetitive strain injuries. I'm just a sufferer, and this is a tool I've found that makes crocheting far less stressful on my hand and arm. I still take frequent breaks, do lots of stretching, and ice my wrist if I feel any discomfort.

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