Fun with Post Stitches

One of the best things about being a beginning crocheter is discovering new-to-me techniques. That feeling of finding a new stitch, learning it, and becoming proficient is so motivating! I've been keeping things pretty simple so far as I've been learning, but as I flipped through the Home issue recently I was inspired to tackle something a bit more challenging. 

Textured Scrubbies by Melisa Darnieder

Enter the Textured Scrubbies by Melisa Darnieder. These little guys are a great project for me: they're super cute, they're practical, and they're letting me learn a new technique. They feature front and back post double crochets that radiate out from the center and create ridges that are perfect for scrubbing dishes (and other things around the house). Spring cleaning, here I come!

For all you experienced crocheters out there, these will be a quick, simple project. But newbies (if you're out there), don't be deterred! The technique is easy once you get it down, and the pattern is easy to follow. These would be great gifts for just about anyone on your list-pair them with a nice soap and some cute wrapping and you're set. 


Of course, if you're anything like me you'll want to make plenty of these for yourself! As much as I loathe doing the dishes, these bright, cheerful scrubbies will make it a much more pleasant chore. 




Happy crocheting!


P.S. Want more post stitches? We have plenty! Check out the Cabled Ripples Tote by Dora Ohrenstein (also from the Home issue), the Driftwood Cap by Ellen K. Gormley (Fall 2008), the Foxglove Wrap by Robyn Chachula (Fall 2013), and the Dana Cowl Pullover by Beth Nielsen (Winter 2013). Or search for post stitches in our store and see what inspires you! 

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