From Roving to Yarn to Project: The Beginning

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and the beginning of a fantastic new year. At a time when we take stock of our year and make fabulous goals for the next, I decided to embark on a new hobby. Somehow I am sure that 2010 will have more hours in it than 2009 and will thus be able to work on a larger number of projects.
There is a definite, crafty danger in working around a large number of people with fiber craft skill sets. For several years I have wanted to learn to spin. The idea of selecting roving, spinning it into my own yarn, and dyeing it a unique shade before crocheting a project created almost entirely by scratch really appealed to me.
Full Wheel
When my mother bought herself a new wheel, she and my father fixed up the previous wheel as a birthday present. I picked it up over the holidays, and immediately began spinning the beautiful roving I received for Christmas.
The feeling of the buttery wool on my fingers and feeling the ply spin into the yarn…well it wasn't quite relaxing yet, but with a little practice will be an invigorating end to those busy days.
What new hobbies have you resolved to begin this year? Perhaps you just want to improve your crochet skills. Check out the rest of the Interweave magazines for great tips and knowledge on spinning, crochet, knitting, art, or beading.
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