From One Crochet Fangirl to Another

Dear Kristin,

It was lovely seeing you in California at TNNA (The National Needlearts Association, of course). I hope your sprained ankle is on the mend.

So, I don't think we've talked about this thing I have with Crochet So Fine. These lovely readers of the CrochetMe enewsletter already know I have a deep love for it. But I thought I had it under control. I was hoping not to go all fangirl on you.

But, I just want to say: How is it that I have drooled all over this book (yes, the readers know about that, too), and yet did not notice the Sprouts Chains Shawlette? How did I not start it right away?

I fixed that last night. I crocheted all the way into the Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson (what is with that Geoff robot dude? Very strange). I crocheted all the way up to row 29 using a great hand-dyed yarn a friend gave me for Christmas. The pattern is so smart, so mathematical. so mesmerizing. Once I started, the patterning was super clear and I could just crochet away.  

Then I decided the yarn was working up a bit too firmly for a shawlette. So I wound up a second ball—another hand-dyed yarn, with more dramatic color changes. And this amazing thing happened: in those places where you do a single crochet, the shawlette developed these sweet drips of colors—kind of like when you draw a toothpick through cupcake icing to create a design on top. Take a look at the image above to see what I mean. Cool, huh?

And you'll probably notice there that I've perched the work-in-progress on the new eBook version of Crochet So Fine. It's on my little netbook, so I can reference the pattern on the go (I have it on my Mac, too, in case I want to look at it on a larger screen).

I can't wait to get to the sweet flowers on the edging. I'm pretty certain I'll be up to the edging by the end of the weekend. I was going to do a Crochet-Along, but really the pattern is so addictive, you're almost done before you can begin talking about it. But I'll check with the readers to see if they're interested in a Crochet-Along. Meanwhile, I'll be blogging about the finished shawlette, so you can check on it in my blog on CrochetMe. I'm planning to wear this as big scarf, but I can see making a silk version to wear over a dress. Oh, and finishing? Weaving in just two ends? Crazy brilliant.

So, yeah, I just really love this book. And I'm not even really wild about fine-weight yarn (I'm really more of a mid-weight-yarn kind of gal).

We don't need to speak of it again, my friend. Just know that I'm here blissfully crocheting away from Crochet So Fine.


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