Free Patterns for Crochet Slippers and Socks to Make Your Feet Happy!

The How to Crochet Slippers and Socks free eBook features 5 of the most comfortable sock and slipper crochet patterns.

When the weather turns chilly, there is nothing like slipping on a warm pair of socks or slippers. In the last few years, crochet slippers and socks patterns have increased in popularity. With this resurgence, designers have created patterns using a variety of crochet and construction techniques. But regardless of the stitch used, crocheted socks highlight the ingenuity of what can be created with crochet.


If you’re ready to dive in and give one a try, this free Patterns for Crochet Slippers and Socks eBook is for you. For socks you can start with the easy crochet sock pattern, then recreate the sock pattern in your favorite colors. Then, be sure to add a crochet slippers pattern or two to your list. Whether you make one or make them all you’ll love learning how to crochet slippers and socks. In this free eBook, you will find fabulous free crochet slippers and socks patterns for the whole family, the perfect booties for the perfect gift, a fun pair of leg warmers, or a gorgeous pair of crocheted socks for a great friend. Then add several pairs of fabulous socks to your own wardrobe.

Crochet Slippers and Socks You’ll Make:

Sock Crochet Pattern

The Beaux Jestes Socks crochet pattern can be found in the free How to Crochet Slippers and Socks eBook from Interweave. Click here to find the eBook.
The Beaux Jestes Socks by Tracy St. John are a perfect combination of old and new. This crochet sock pattern incorporates the techniques that crochet is best known for, granny squares and chevron stitches, into the cuffs of these colorful and easy crochet socks. The color blocking and colorwork cuffs make this crochet sock pattern an ideal stashbusting project. These customizable crochet sock instructions are easily modified for your foot size.

Sock Crochet Pattern

The Red Twig Knee Socks crochet pattern is found in the Free Crochet Slippers and Socks eBook and is a must have pattern for women looking to wear long socks with a skirt. The Red Twig Knee Socks by Patsy Harbor present a fabulous adventure into nontraditional crochet sock patterns. These gorgeous socks are worked lengthwise, beginning at the center back leg, with short rows worked on one side to accommodate the calf. The knee-high design allows you to show off these socks with your favorite skirt. Learn how to crochet socks from side to side with this pattern using a unique construction with short rows to add width at the calves. The colorful textured pattern is particularly eye-catching in these knee-high crochet stockings.

Crochet Slippers

The Family of Slippers crochet pattern by Linda Permann has a slipper pattern for everyone in your family. A Family of Slippers by Linda Permann ensures you will find the perfect slipper pattern. Crochet a pair for everyone in your family. A single basic pattern can be modified to create slippers reminiscent of Mary Janes, Loafers, or miniature versions customized for girls or boys. I love the small flower and star motif embellishments. The basic crochet slipper pattern can be embellished with colorful flowers and motifs, buttons, straps, or a striped tongue to create a personalized design for anyone on your list. Constructing crochet slippers of any size is made easy by instructions that show you how to create slippers at any length and circumference.

Easy Crochet Slipper Pattern

The Comfort Slippers by Sarah Read are worked in a single crochet in the round and can be found in our free Crochet slippers and socks Patterns eBook. The Comfort Slippers by Sarah Read is the perfect way to share some comfort with a friend or family member or add a bit of warmth to your own evening. These quick and easy slippers are worked in single crochet in the round to the ankle and then in rows to the heel. A clover flower adds a beautiful delicate touch. You can easily substitute this embellishment with your own favorite flower motif.

Crochet Slipper Pattern

Molly's Muklucks are great crochet slippers to give as a gift to a child in your life. Find this pattern in our free crochet slippers and socks eBook. I designed Molly’s Muklucks because everyone needs a fabulous pair of boots, even the littlest ones in your life. These wee slippers will keep your little ones feet warm in style and will bring squeals of delight from mom’s-to-be. I incorporated two buttons along the side of the shaft to ensure these boots are easy to slip on and off. Create several pairs in easily washable fibers.

Which project will you start first, a pair of slippers for a cozy evening or a stunning pair of socks for a night out? Browse free crochet eBooks and find the perfect crochet slippers and socks pattern for any outfit or occasion in How to Crochet Slippers & Socks: Free Patterns for Crochet Slippers and Socks. With this free eBook you will begin choosing your footwear by how well they show off your socks and looking for opportunities to lounge at home with your favorite pair of slippers!


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